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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff who help keep Gaming-Evolved Running. They are here to respond to tickets, assist players in game, and answer general questions. Keep in mind all Admins and Staff are volunteers donating their time to assist everyone playing and enjoying the Gaming Evolved Community!



Joe Swanson

Timezone: MST-7 (no DST) US
Languages: English
About Me: Hello! A little about myself: me and Bonnie have three young boys age 4, 7, and 8. Our life is pretty crazy sometimes. GE certainly has grown from its humble beginnings. I work from home now keeping the servers running and making sure everything is in tip-top shape. My current plan is for GE to be a one-stop community, where you can come enjoy the games you love with other enthusiasts. The dream is for GE to eventually become a full service game-hosting platform. Currently the community's support is what keeps our servers alive and my family fed! So thank you for your support, and welcome to Gaming-Evolved!   


Vice President


Time zone:  Eastern USA
Languages: English, a little Spanish
Games played: Atlas, Ark, & Conan
About Me: I started playing Atlas late 2019. After 3 official seasons, I bounced around to a few private servers and ended up at GE in April 2021. I was surprised at the wholesome community I found here, and gladly accepted when Joe asked me to be Admin. Since then I’ve worked hard to make GE the best family-friendly and fun destination for gamers. I'm married to a wonderful hubby and I have a job so I'm not available 24/7, but I keep tabs at all times through my phone. I'm very proud to be Admin with Joe, Bonnie, and the Team. Welcome to Gaming-Evolved!




Time zone: Eastern USA

Languages: English

Games played: Ark, Atlas, Conan, Space Engineers, Minecraft , & 7 Days to Die

About Me: Hi I'm Crazy. I play a lot of games GE has to offer. I admin for Ark and Atlas and help anywhere I can. I love to play here with friends and enjoy helping people and having fun.  If you see me in discord a lot during the day I am on my phone while at work. I am proud to be part of the staff here  as I enjoy being part of this amazing team!

GE Green Wolf Head Logo.png



Time zone: GMT +1 (The Netherlands)

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French

Games played: Atlas, Ark, Conan & more

About Me: Hey there, I'm Capt. Yarrr. Admin for ATLAS and ARK. You will also see me playing most of other games GE has to offer. I'm a day one player for ATLAS and ARK and always try to stay updated on what's going on. After a few seasons on officials, I got pulled into GE. It was my first real experience with an unofficial server and I've never left GE since. I live with my 2 daughters, retired at the age of 45. This gives me time to help Joe wherever I can. I'm very proud to be a member of this kick-butt team we have built up! I hope we all can expand GE into an ever bigger game experience than it already is. We never could've done this without this great team and the even greater community!



Noot Noot

Time zone: Norway (CET)

Languages: English, Norwegian

Games played: Atlas, Ark, Conan, Minecraft & more!

About Me: Im Noot from norway, I play games when i don't work. and I like to laugh.

GE LOGO 2023.png

Ark Admin


Time zone: GMT +0 United Kingdom

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Ark, Farming Simulator, & Space Engineers

About Me: Hi I'm Baltar (Tom in R:L) I'm an admin for mainly Atlas and Ark, I'm a 51 year old gamer (never too old), I spend most of my spare time gaming around my 2 jobs, I've been a member of GE for nearly 2 years now, and have loved every minute of it, always happy to help people, so any help you need feel free to ask. Happy gaming!


Atlas Admin


Time zone: UTC+1

Languages: Russian, German, & English

Games played: Atlas, (little bit Ark)

About Me: Always here to help other people. love the GE Community. I Hate Toxic People ^.^


Ark Admin


Time zone: EST

Languages: English

Games played: Conan, Ark, Atlas, 7Days2Die, & Minecraft

About Me: TBA


DayZ Admin & Mod Developer


Time zone: Eastern

Languages: English

Games played: Conan, DayZ, & more!

About Me: I'm a 37 year old Indie Game Developer that specializes in Level Design and Asset Creation in Unreal Engine. I was invited to Join GE Staff when GE began running Conan Servers due to my resourcefulness and expertise and willingness to help whenever I can, and have been doing it ever since.

GE LOGO 2023.png

Empyrion & Atlas Admin


Time zone: Eastern US

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Conan & Empyrion

About Me: Hello, I have been gaming since before college. Online gaming started with both Dial-up BBSs and MUDs back in the late 80s/early 90s. I have participated in countless beta programs for many different games over the years since high school. I know breeding. I'm a builder of sorts and dabble in mods. I'm here to help where I can when time permits as I work and am a single father of 2 girls, so they keep me busy. I am experienced with Electrical, Plumbing, Framing, Drywalling, Furniture making, Staining, Building Computers, Networks, Servers, Firewalls, Fly Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Wilderness Survival. Thanks for having me.


Atlas PVP Admin & Event Committee

Kelladorn (Six Rivers)

Time zone: Eastern US

Languages: Central Standard Time

Games played: Atlas & Ark (translators are my friend)

About Me:Hi i am Kelladorn a day 1 Atlas player. 10 Seasons on Official pvp as part of Order of Freedom, Retribution, and SDC. Been playing on private servers in my downtime from official. Like the atmosphere on this server and have met some really wonderful people. Look forward to Helping out the best i can.


Founder Wife

Bonnie Swanson

Timezone: MST US
Languages: English
About Me: Joe and I have 3 young boys who keep me on my toes lol. I'm shy and not super tech savvy but I do help wherever I can. I've always loved helping others. On the first Atlas server Joe played on he found a great company. I would borrow Joe's computer when he was sleeping and gather resources for him. The server slowly became too toxic and the company chose to leave and tried to find a new server. To keep the company together and not deal with the same toxicity- GE was born. Joe created GE to be a non-toxic, family-friendly community without abuse for people to just have fun together. Thanks to the hard work from Joe and all GE staff the server has grown into a huge community. I'm proud to be a part of Gaming-Evolved.

GE LOGO 2023.png


Hati(Edward Teach)

Time zone: MST-7(no DST)

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Ark, & Minecraft

About Me:  Hi. I'm Joe's younger brother. Mostly my job is to help with technical support. 




Time zone:  Pacific Time Zone

Languages: English, a little Spanish

Games played: Atlas, Ark, & Conan

About Me: Aloha, I'm Skarrlett!
I admin mainly on Ark and Conan, and am learning Atlas. I am having a blast doing so- there always seems to be something new to learn.
I’m a semi-retired early childhood educator and mentor, and I live with my loving husband that mods for Conan and our two giant adopted frankendog furbabies. 
My hobbies are cooking, baking, photography, traveling, staying active and being outdoors. And of course gaming!
Very glad to be a part of this incredible gaming community, and beyond proud to be able to work together with our wonderful team.




Time zone: Pacific

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Ark, Conan, Boatderlands, DayZ, Red Alert, FFXI, My Little Pony big island adventure

About Me: Married with two dogs and I didn’t kill my husband ...he’s just on vacation.

Just kidding! I am the husband, and if i disappear, you can be sure my wife had something to do with it!


Atlas & Empyrion Admin


Time zone: PST (California)

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Ark, & Rust

About Me: I have been a gamer for quite a while. I don't consider myself a "fan-boy" but if you bring up Fallout I will talk your ear off or chat your fingers off. I dabble in multiple genres of games but my passion is for my simulator games. So if you don't see me in one of our games be safe to assume I'm flying virtually around the world or going on virtual road trips. I tend to stay out of voice chats due to my dogs loving to be loud and annoying especially when in chats but if you can tolerate them I'm more than happy to jump in calls and "socialize" for a bit.

GE LOGO 2023.png

Ark Admin

Beniyasha (Amber)

Time zone: Arizona

Languages: English

Games played: Ark, Minecraft & PixArk

About Me:I am a wife and mom of 3 girls, can't forget my fur babies Pandora, Cedella and a Bird named Gruff. I love gaming, especially with my girls and hubby. I love me some fantasy and anime, unicorn's are my favorite. I love to help anyway I can on ark it is one of my favorite games.

GE LOGO 2023.png

Atlas Admin

Yun Lei/Mae (Six Rivers)

Time zone: Central Standard Time

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, WOW, Conan & more

About Me: I started gaming before PC gaming was a thing...think back to the originial Atari...Pong.
Everquest was my first PC game and met Kelladorn playing it.  (Fun fact:  I hated his guts and dying in a fire was too good for him back then...then I married him....). From there it was World of Warcraft, SWTOR, ARK, Conan, ATLAS, and Final Fantasy XIV (which I do still play).
In real life, I was a manager of a couple of pizza places...don't laugh, they paid amazing...until
the end of last month when my health took a turn (nothing too serious we hope) and I went back to the
local market I worked for about 4 years ago.  I work to support my gaming habit.  I like to spend money
on things I enjoy and looking forward to getting to know everyone.


Ark & Atlas Admin


Time zone: -8 UTC

Languages: English

Games played:  Ark, Atlas, Conan, Valheim, & New World

About Me: Now retired my professional career spanned 40+yrs with both the Coast Guard and the federal civil service. My background is in Communications and IT. My other interests include my Harley, Radio/K7EAC, and building and flying fixed wing RC. GE is my happy place, all my friends are here.


Public Relations, Minecraft, & Atlas PVP Admin


Time zone: EST

Languages: English

Games played: Atlas, Ark, Conan, Empyrion, Stardew Vally, Graveyard Keeper, & More

About Me: Constantly doing creative things, never went to college, taught myself everything I know about Photography,Graphic Design, building Websites, & more.


Atlas Admin

Knut A.

Time zone: Norway

Languages: English, Norwegian and some German Games played: Atlas, Space engineers, ARK, World of Warcraft, Farming Simulator, Valheim, Conan and many other games.

About Me: I'm Norwegian, dad of 2, and a husband.   

Event Commitee

Rex Chronicle
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