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We want all players to enjoy their time while on our servers. Rules are in place to help maximize user experience, encourage pleasant interactions, and reduce server lag. Whether its streamlining hardware performance or eliminating toxicity that is seen on other servers: all these rules have a purpose!

Atlas Rules

General Rules:  (for all PVE games and Discord)

  1. Keep language and behavior appropriate. This is a family-friendly community. We will NOT tolerate any players who threaten, bully, stalk, or are just plain toxic. Any slurs, racism, political or religious arguments in public chats is strictly discouraged and can result in a ban. This also correlates to offensive or obscene Avatar names, Company/Tribe/Faction names, and Tame/Ship names.

  2. Do not abuse Bugs or Exploits. Report any/all Bugs & Exploits that you discover.

  3. Do not DM or ping Staff. If you have questions please ask in the appropriate channel. If you have any issues in game or with Store items, then open a ticket for better communication. If you have issues with other players or an Admin then open a ticket and include screenshots. 

  4. Do no block or mute Admins/Staff.  Doesn't matter if you don't like what we're saying.  Blocking a Staff member can result in a ban. 

  5. Keep chats to the appropriate channel if the channel is for a specific topic.

  6. Do not advertise other servers or Discords in the Official GE Discord in an effort to poach members. 

  7. Do not copycat other companies and player names.

  8. You must create a Tribe/Company/Faction as soon as you join one of our servers.

  9. No building spam or blocking other players access to resources, tames, static nodes, Bosses, Artifacts or other.

  10. No stealing items off players bodies or bases.

  11. No building within render of other players' base. 

  12. Sync you Discord and Steam accounts, if applicable to the game(s) you are playing.


Atlas Rules:

  1. Do not engage in any PVP unless it is agreed upon by both parties in the designated grids (B2, C1, & C2).

  2. No Building on Restricted Islands/Grids without permission. This includes Freeports, Golden Age, Maw, Event Grids, & VIP Islands (Must have the Owner's Permission).

  3. Tames are not to be left Aggressive wandering unless they are anchored to a passive tame, even on your own island.

  4. Player Shops that sell tames that are not spayed/neutered can not complain if their customer decides to sell offspring from that tame.

  5. Company Owners/Admins are not allowed to use company settings to lock members from accessing their bases, tames, or boats. If a member is being removed from the company then all their items, tames, & boats leave with them.

More Details in Atlas Policies


Ark Rules:

  1. No building/camping at spawn points that will block players getting in.

  2. No blocking any artifact spawns. If you do build in a cave then you must place a public vault outside your base and fill it with the artifacts you are blocking, or place a public teleporter named Artifact Key.

  3. Do not start a Boss/God if you cannot handle it. If you do this please inform an Admin immediately! 

More Details in Ark Policies.


Conan Rules:

1. Base must be built within the size limits:

-30x30 Tiles Max

-1 Max Foundation High

-No floors made fully of foundations. Use ceilings and pillars instead.

-Maximum height of 12 levels.

-At least 50 floors away from other clans

2. Do not go over the Thrall/Tame limit, or they will automatically be deleted. 

-6 Thralls per Company & 6 Thralls per a Player (1 person & 1 clan means 12 thralls. Crafting station thralls do not count against this total.)

3. Do not use flickering/fire based light for your base. Use radium lights. 
4. Limit the Passive crafting stations (any station that crafts items perpetually with fuel over time). Each clan is allowed:

-2 of each Furnaces/campfires/stoves/blacksmiths/tanneries/dryers/fluid presses/tanning tables

-2 Compost Bins

-2 Beehives

-4 Fish/Shellfish Traps

-3 Horse Stables

-1 Animal Taming Pen

-1 Animal Husbandry Pen

5. Do not go overboard with decorations, planters, trees, etc. 

6. No more than 2 Teleportation stones per clan

7. No Map Rooms Allowed (Public map rooms available at /Warp Market)

8. No Altars with a Beam. (use LBPR Beamless & Emberlight versions available)


Ark Rules
Conan Rules
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