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Ark PVE Server

Ark: Survival Evolved is an open-world, action-adventure survival game developed by Studio Wildcard. In the game, players must survive being stranded on one of several maps filled with roaming dinosaurs, fictional fantasy monsters, and other prehistoric animals. Not to mention the natural hazards.

Some of Ark: Survival Evolved Key Features:
Tame wildlife – over 130 different kinds of dinosaurs to befriend and ride with more being added regularly. We run additional mods that add even more dinosaurs to tame.
Huge open world – a gorgeous landscape that varies depending on the map you are on. Plenty to explore on land, and extensive underwater environments with hidden secrets.
Dynamic weather system – endure the unforgiving heat, frigid cold, and monsoon rainstorms in an ever-changing environment.

Found on Steam

Our private server cluster has been running since 2020. We have 3 separate clusters that players can transfer between: 1) The base game with mods:  Main Cluster. You can chose between paid DLC maps or free DLC maps. 2) A cluster with additional Primal Fear Mod and Eternal mod installed: Primal Fear with Eternal Cluster. or  3) A cluster with the overhaul mod Omega installed: Omega cluster. Something for everyone!
Each cluster comes complete with many customized settings and features, with more surprises planned for the future.

We hope you enjoy playing Ark as much as we do, and that you join us soon.

About the Game
Ark Server Settings
ARK Server Settings

Automated Daily Restart
Automated Daily Wild Dino Wipe:

General Settings:

Unlimited Re-spec: True

Wild Spawns: 100%

Cave building: True

Platform Saddle Bounds: x2

Max Wild Dino Lvl: 225 (Supreme Lvl 600)

Difficulty Offset: 150%

Tek Suit Powers: Enabled (Genesis)

Tamed Damage: 125%

Wild Damage: 125%

Dino Food Drain: 3x

Wild Torpor Drain: 50%

Passive Tame interval: 30%

Dino Harvest Damage: 2x

Raid Dino Feeding: Enabled

Flyers in caves: Allowed

Baby Dino: anyone allowed to Cuddle after Imprint

Resources respawn: 30% faster

Resources respawn: 50% Closer to player or Building

Gather Rate: 3x Most Items

Crop Growth Speed: 50x

Structure Placement Collision: No

Structure Decay: 2x Longer

All Structures: Locking Passive Defenses Damage Wild Dinos

Per-Level Stat Multiplier's (Pathfinder):

Health: 4x

Stamina: 2.5x

Oxygen: 2x

Food: 2x

Water: 2x

Temperature: 3x

Weight: 10x

Damage: 3x

Speed: 2x

Crafting: 2x

Ark Mods


Per-Level Stat Multiplier's (Wild):

Health: 1.5x

Stamina: 1.5x

Oxygen: 1.5x

Food: 1.5x

Temperature: 1.5x

Weight: 2x

Damage: 1.5x

Speed: 1x

Per-Level Stat Multiplier's (Tamed):

Health: 1x

Stamina: 1.5x

Oxygen: 1.5x

Food: 1.5x

Temperature: 1.5x

Weight: 3x

Damage: 1x

Speed: 1x

Per-Level Stat Multiplier's Tamed (imprinted):

All Stats: 1.5x

Mate Speed: 10x

Egg Hatch Speed: 10x

Baby Mature Speed: 10x

Tame Speed: 10x

Mods for each cluster

Ark Direct Connects

ARK Direct Connects

Ark Policies

Ark Policies
You are allowed to build a base on each map, on every cluster.
Be sure you need to give space to neighbors. Pillars and foundations spamming will NOT be allowed and will be removed without notice.
Reserving spots is NOT allowed. When you start building, finish it. 
Decay rates are effective. If your base or a part of it decays, we will not reimburse items, dinos, etc. 

Decay rates on all Clusters:

  • 30 days

  • Caveman/Copper subscription - 35 days

  • Survivor/Bronze subscription- 40 days

  • ​Citizen/Silver subscription - 45 days​

  • Thriver/Gold subscription - 50 days

  • Alpha/Platnium subscription - 60 days

Dino retrievals on Omega
We offer a service to retrieve lost dinos. Also if you like to breed certain dinos on Omega, we can do admin retrieval for a certain amount of points. Be aware, they have to be stored in a soul terminal at some point and be named! To retrieve the most recent version of the dino requires it to be stored in soul terminal after any upgrades or level-ups. 

  • Basic 2.5K points

  • Beta 5K points

  • Alpha 5K points

  • Prime 10K points

  • Ultimate 15k points

  • Omega 20K points

  • Godlike 25K points

  • Ancient 30K points

  • Unique 30K points

Open a ticket if you want to see this done, an admin will help you out with this.


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