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Atlas - 15x15 PVE Server

Atlas is a Sandbox style, Open World Survival and Sailing game. (Developed by Grapeshot Games) It’s been in Early Access for several years now with plans to be fully finished at the end of 2023. Found on Steam:

Atlas is the Flagship of Gaming-Evolved (no pun intended). Our private server has been running since 2019. And there’s many customized settings we’ve created for this awesome game. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do.

Atlas Server Settings
Atlas Server Settings
Season 16 starting October 13, 2023

All regions are PVE except for 2 PvP Event grids : G7 & G8. Those are PvP by consent only!

General Settings:

Pathfinder Max Level: 130 (All skills unlocked)

Tames XP Max Level: 180 (181 for certain species)

Ships Max Level: 100 (only with a common Evolved or Custom shipyard)

XP Gain: x5

Harvesting: x4

Treasure Gold: x2 with custom loot tables

Taming : x5

Mating Speed: x3

Mating Interval (cooldown): custom

Hatching: x5

Maturation: x5

Crop Growth: x1

Ships of the Damned & Corrupted Corsair spawns:

Player Grids: Easy levels 90

Powerstone Grids: Medium levels 60-120

Danger Grids: Hard levels 121-225

Wild Tame spawns:
All Player-owned Grids: max level 120.
Danger grids: max level 150.
Golden Age tamables:
 (Leatherwing, Shieldhorn, Razortooth) max level 150

Atlas Map
Atlas Map
Atlas s16 world map.jpg

Click here to see our Interactive Resource Map

Click here to see the Grid Tracker

Click here to see the Mod List

Biome Key

Atlas biomes s15.jpg
Atlas Policies

Atlas Policies

  1. No building on Freeports. No parking boats at Freeports for longer than 3 days. Rapid decay will demolish your boat. 

  2. No building in Golden Age. Traps or resupply crafting are ok. Make sure to pick it all up when you leave. No parking boats for longer than 3 days. Rapid decay will demolish your stuff.

  3. No building in the Event grids (G7 G8 H7 i7 i8) without permission from Admin.

  4. No building on VIP islands without permission.

  5. No building bridges to connect islands. Do not place structures out in the water that boats could run into. Clean up after yourself. Remove traps and ramps when you are done.

  6. WIPES WILL HAPPEN!! For many reasons, we will have to periodically wipe the server. Anything purchased from Tebex for 4 months prior to the wipe will be returned to you in the new season.

  7. GE Atlas performs a daily restart.

  8. While on a flyer (Leatherwing or Eagle), do not fly too high! You will go through ceiling of the game and die. Tame will be lost forever.




  1. Players can ‘purchase’ islands and have them placed in the VIP grids. (One-time payment.) VIP Islands are a Thank-you in response to your donation to the server. Your donation gives you "ownership" of the island for as long as you are with us and active.

  2. Open a Ticket to confirm the island/location you want is still available BEFORE PAYMENT! Islands will be sold to whomever opened a ticket for that island first. (The document we use to keep track is live.)

  3. As of May 1st, 2022 VIP island sales will be limited to 5 per player. (We will not remove islands from those who are grandfathered in with more than that.) 

  4. After 30 days of being inactive your island will be considered abandoned and re-sold. Just because you have company mates that login does not keep your ownership active. VIP grids have a decay timer of 30 days. It is your responsibility to refresh the timers on your structures.

  5. Extended Leave for VIP owners:  A) Must tell us through a ticket.  B) Must have an expected return date. Maximum of 2 months, but a longer leave is possible within reason. Talk to us in the ticket.  C) If you don’t return to being active, or contact us by that expected date of return, then your island will be re-sold. Company members visiting the island does NOT keep your VIP ownership active, even if it keeps the decay timers refreshed.

  6. Returning VIP owners: If you owned a VIP island in the past and want to own one again, you are eligible to get another VIP island at a discounted price. We call this the Renewal fee.  You must Login to Tebex to see this Renewal price.

  7. DISCORD IS REQUIRED FOR VIP ISLAND OWNERSHIP. if you choose to leave GE discord then your island will be marked as abandoned and re-sold. Transferring ownership of islands is not allowed.  Do not expect us to honor islands “given” to you. They are a donation/support item. If we allow everyone to give away their islands when they leave or quit, there would never be any islands for our supporters!


VIP Owners:

  • You must place a claim flag on your islands. (These flags are 1-2 gold upkeep every 12 hours)

  • If you list your island in the settlers-welcome channel, then you may not destroy player’s structures when they arrive.

  • If you buy an island, and there are Settlers with an active base, we expect you to respect them. Not their fault that the landlord just changed. If new owner desires the move/removal of settlers, then admins will give notice to the settlers and aid in the moving. Owner must allow a week for this to happen.

  • If you are going to swap out the island, then Staff must first check the island for settlers. Same conditions as above. Staff will serve notice, aid the settlers in moving, and owners must wait until this is done before island is swapped. Options can be discussed in the ticket. 

  •  After your first island placement, you may exchange the island ONCE for free. After that it will be a $5 exchange fee each time


  • You must ask permission from the island owner to build on a VIP island. Violators will be given a 48-hour notice then removed or wiped. Warning: If you are a settler on VIP, it is possible that the ownership of the island will change. You could be asked to move your base.

  • Do not park your boat on a VIP island for longer than 48 hours. You will be asked to move, or staff will move/take possession of the ship depending on situation at island owner’s report. (If you need to remain longer than 48 hours, leave a billboard on boat with message to island owner and your contact info.)

  • DO NOT claim these islands. Only the owner, whose name is listed on the VIP spreadsheet, may place a flag. If you do place a claim flag on a VIP island that you don't own, your flag and possibly all your stuff will get wiped. 

  • DO NOT demolish any structures on these islands.

VIP islands
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